The Club will be on hand to support with the marshalling of the 1664 Yomp in May.

This 100-mile ‘stroll’ is not for the faint-hearted and some would argue harder than the famous Commando tests Royal Marines encounter to earn their green beret. Get your hiking boots on and show us what you are made of. 

Departing from Abey Gardens, next to King Alfred’s Statue in the centre of Winchester soon after first light on Saturday 26th May 18 and following the official 100 mile (160K) route, with the minor detours to get to suitable scran points, we finish just beyond the bottom of Beachy Head after Yomping a full 166.4 KMs.

Yomp, or Your Own Marching Pace, came to public prominence in 1982, When 3 Cdo Bde Yomp across the Falkland Islands.  Since 1664, when the Corps was formed as the Duke of York’s Maritime Regiment of Foot, The Royal Marines has been overcoming seemingly impossible physical and mental challenges to achieve their objectives. It’s the Commando Mindset.

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