Club trading identity revealed

Club trading identity revealed

Whilst we are proud of being able to use the Globe and Laurel as part of the Royal Marines charity family, there are restrictions to how we can use this. Future plans for the Club include trading goods and services and so we’ve created a new identity we can use in parallel.

We’ve used the Fairbairn-Sykes dagger as inspiration and have gone for something cleaner and more contemporary to contrast with what we already have. We hope you like it.

Metropolitan Police Service Contact Centre Raises £1000

Metropolitan Police Service Contact Centre Raises £1000

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed their time and money to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity at London’s Metropolitan Police Service Contact Centre.

A large number of the staff made personal donations for which we are very grateful. A stand with more information about what we do and a raffle was organised too.

Special thanks go to Mags, Natasha, Zoe, Louise and Kerry for making all of this happen!

Club helps to secure US Ambassador for Charity Boxing Event


Last night, the Royal Marines came out on top as they faced the United States Marine Corps in a historic boxing match in London at The Royal Lancaster Hotel.

This is the first time that the two fighting forces have met on UK soil, with the fight being billed as the ‘Rumble across the Atlantic’ - a truly extraordinary night of sport, pride and respect between two close allies, proudly hosted by The Royal Marines Charity.

The Royal Marines Club was proud to lend its support by helping to secure the attendance of the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Robert Wood "Woody" Johnson IV.

Winter DEPLOYMENT covered by BFBS & THe Royal Marines Charity


Roger Dobson, our CEO, has been interviewed in Norway for Hal Stewart's Big Friday radio show. Great exposure for the work of the Club. Thanks BFBS!

Also, great to see that The Royal Marines Charity has highlighted their contribution to our Juleferie Winter Deployment too.


Royal Marines and Norwegian Commandos share unique Juleferie Christmas holiday


Twenty Royal Marines and their families have travelled to Rondane, Norway to celebrate Christmas with their counterparts from Norwegian commando units.

Organised by The Royal Marines Club and Rondane Høyfjellshotell, in association with Veteranforbundet SIOPS and The Royal Marines Charity, Juleferie 2017 sets out to give serving and veteran commandos, from both countries, a short break with their families free of any significant expense.

Places on the holiday were awarded to those with physical, mental or financial challenges. The idea being to help families relax with winter sports activities and complimentary board and accommodation at Rondane’s premier spa hotel.

Plans for the event came about when explorer Inge Solheim, Royal Marines Club Chairman Marcus Chidgey, Trustee Ray Mead, and Rondane Høyfjellshotell Marketing Director Ole T. Hoelseth started talking about how the hotel’s facilities could be used to support the armed forces.

Eight months later, and with significant support from the Royal Marines Corps and senior Norwegian military personnel, the inaugural Juleferie 2017 is taking place. Deputy Commandant General of the Royal Marines, Richard Spencer, comments:

“British Commandos have fought alongside the Norwegian Military since WWII, and up until very recently the Royal Marines deployed in the Rondane area for winter training and exercise. Norway and the UK enjoy a unique and special friendship. ”

The opening of Juleferie 2017 was marked by a commemorative ceremony, where a Commando Dagger and a Sami Knife was exchanged to symbolise the special relationship between the UK and Norway. This week will see families from both countries enjoying time together in the breathtaking setting of the Rondane National Park. Skiing, ice-bathing and dog-sledding is on offer, alongside craft produce and fine dining, something the Rondane Høyfjellshotell is reputed for.

“We are looking forward to making this a very special stay for all the families involved. I think even Santa Claus might know of our plans.” says hotel director Ole P. Christensen.

The holiday is as much about having fun in a relaxed environment as it is a way to recuperate from issues like PTSD. Often it’s not just the veterans themselves that suffer, it impacts the happiness of their families too.

This is a way for us to give back to the families whose struggles often go unrecognised. A week away, free from the stresses of day-to-day life, will no doubt do everyone participating in Juleferie 2017 a world of good.” says Marcus Chidgey, Chair of The Royal Marines Club.

Uniquely, Juleferie 2017 brings in to focus the nature of combat and how all military personnel, no matter which nation they might represent, share similar experiences. It demonstrates there’s an international family of veterans charities that will come together to support friends and allies from other nations.

General Sverre Diesen, former Chief of Defence for Norway comments: “When we train together on exercise, we are united in preparing to confront the challenges we have in common around the world. It’s clear to me that, when our veterans return from the field, the same spirit of international cooperation should endure.

The Royal Marines Club Juleferie 2017 is taking place between 3rd and 8th December at the Rondane Høyfjellshotell in Rondane, Norway. The first event of its kind between Norway and the UK, there are plans for Rondane to host many more Juleferie holidays to come. 

Facebook Group Launch Has Over 7000 People Join In A Week!


We've had nearly 1000 people a day signing up to our Secret Group on Facebook. Bootnecks from around the world ready to find out more about the Club. Amazing to see the response. Thanks for your patience as we vet you all!

Guildford Cadets Support World Record Speed March Team

One of our passions is inspiring tomorrow’s Bootnecks.  By involving RM Cadet forces in our events and having members of our club as RM and Sea Cadet instructors we can pass on valuable life skills and inspire the next generation.

The Guildford Cadet Unit provided valuable support to our World Record Speedmarch Team with water and nutrition points along the route and endless encouraging shouts of “Come on Royal”!

Royal Marines Break Speed March World Record

Eight serving and former Royal Marines smashed the Speed March World Record over the weekend, a record that’s stood unbroken for nearly 20 years.

0015_Royal Marines World Record Marathon-3319.JPG

The attempt started at 10 Downing Street at 4am on Saturday morning and finished in Pall Mall in a record time of 4 hours, 16 mins and 43 seconds. The attempt broke the previous world record set by 29 Commando Royal Artillery in 1998 by over 2 minutes.

A Speed March is a combination of marching and running and forms one of the four Commando Tests that every Royal Marine must pass to earn their green beret.

The Speed March World Record distance is a full marathon distance of 26.2 miles and must be completed carrying a weight of 40lbs or more. Importantly, every team member that starts must finish or the attempt doesn’t count. The team nature of the event is one of the reasons why the Royal Marines are world leaders in it.

Selection for this World Record attempt started back in March 2017, with a dedicated training programme and regular group progress checks, that resulted in the elite team running today.

Major Scotty Mills led the physical training programme and Ray Mead organised logistics on behalf of The Royal Marines Club.

The World Record Speed March was organised by The Royal Marines Club, a branch of the Royal Marines Association, in partnership with The Royal Marines Charity and commercial sponsors including Patron Capital, Captive Minds, High Performance Development and BMW Park Lane.

Roger Dobson, CEO of The Royal Marines Club says: “The atmosphere here is electric. It’s no wonder this record has stood for nearly 20 years and I’m in no doubt this team’s efforts today will last for many years to come.”

Adventures With Driven To Extremes

The Royal Marines Club was able to help find two bootnecks and two Nissan Navaras for the 'Extreme North' Driven to Extremes Expedition led by Mac Mackenney.  

Driven to Extremes helps PTSD sufferers to build confidence and self-reliance through 4x4 expeditions. Participants are not only responsible for the vehicles but route planning, time management and team management.

The goal of the Extreme North Expedition was to reach the most northerly point of the UK accessible by vehicle. The route started in Glencoe and took in:

Glencoe: Jaw dropping landscape featured in the Bond film, Skyfall | Commando Memorial: WW2 training ground at Spean Bridge | North Coast 500: Voted one of the top 5 coastal driving routes in the world | Eileen Donnan Castle: Featured in the film Highlander | Applecross Mountain Pass: Greatest ascent of any road climb in the UK | Poolewe Loch: Formation point for the WW2 Arctic Convoys | Scapa Flow: Home of the British Grand Fleet during WW1 | Skara Brae: Europe’s most complete Neolithic village | Ring of Brodgar: Neolithic stone circle | Shetland Bus: Clandestine operation of WW2 | MOD Noup: Most northerly accessible point by vehicle – a restricted military road.

For further information see:

World Record Speed March

The Royal Marines World Record Speed March will take place on Saturday 21st October 2017. It will take place in London and will cover the full marathon distance of 26.2 miles.  


The team will consist of 8 specially selected former or serving members of the Royal Marines who will attempt to beat the time of 4 hours, 19 mins and 7 secs set by 29 Cdo RA in 1998.

The Club has been working to make this event happen since early 2017. The team are in great shape and looking forward to giving it their very best on the day.

Helping Bootnecks make the transition in to employment

The Club offers a business network where there are opportunities building working partnerships or offers of associate work and full time employment.

Through Club Trustee Ruari Chisholm, High Performance Development employs former Bootnecks on an associate basis as facilitators and trainers in leadership and team development.  

HPD have worked with the likes of Mark Ormrod and Paul Barrett to help design, develop, promote and employ their services as motivational speakers.