Bob Wigley

Bob Wigley is Chair of UK Finance, the banking trade body which represents nearly 300 of the leading firms providing finance, banking, markets and payments-related services in the UK. Prior to this, Bob was EMEA Chairman of Merrill Lynch and a member of the Court of the Bank of England. As an investor and advisor, Bob manages a portfolio of the UK’s leading companies. Bob is passionate about the welfare of armed forces personnel and having been brought up in Exeter, is proud to support the Royal Marines Corps as our Honorary President.



Marcus Chidgey

Marcus Chidgey is the CEO of Captive Minds, a media company he co-founded in 2003 which has interests in television, publishing, marketing services and software. Clients include the BBC, C4, HCA Healthcare UK, Land Rover, Glenfiddich and Lloyd’s of London. Captive Minds is best known for helping to launch the charity Walking With The Wounded, and its work in the adventure sector. Marcus has managed everything from transatlantic ballooning record attempts to driving a Massey Ferguson tractor to the South Pole. Marcus has worked with the Royal Marines charity family for over 5 years and chairs the Club.


Roger Dobson

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Ray Mead

Ray joined the Royal Marines on the day of his 16th birthday in 1979. After completing training, he joined 42 Cdo and served in the Falklands. On his return, he joined the Drivers Branch, and from there the Cdo Logistic Regiment Workshop Sqn and the Naval Recruiting Directorate. Ray spent a lot of time in Norway outside Unit Deployments and represented the Corps and Navy at Judo, earning his Corps Colours in Sport.

Ray joined the Metropolitan Police Service in 1991, later becoming a Self Defence Trainer, an Instructor in Police Training and responsible for public events. Injured and hospitalised in service, Ray took early retirement in 2014.

Since 2009, Ray has been Operations Manager for major Royal Marines charity family events, including the Speed Marches through London. He received a CGRM’s Commendation for organising the 2017 Royal Marines Speed March Team which smashed the ‘without rifles’ world record.

Ray, his wife Mags, and sons Will and Tom, dedicate a lot of time to the Club and help to organise the Winter Deployment each year.



Ruari Chisholm

Ruari Chisholm was in the Corps between 1982 - 1992. He served in 42 CDO then as an LC Rate in 3RSRM Hong Kong, HMS Fearless, Comacchio Group and RM Poole.

On Leaving The Corps he became the College Principle at The UK Sailing Academy training professional watersports instructors as well as superyacht crews and skippers. Ruari now runs a leading Leadership and Team Development company; High Performance Development Ltd. where he employs former Bootnecks on an associate basis.

Ruari has been involved with The RM Club since 2011 helping organise and participating in the London Speed Marches and Op Commando. As well as general Trustee duties Ruari has been helping the RMC/RMA with the recent merger as well as their team and personnel development. He is also an Instructor with The Guildford Royal Marine Cadets and Sea Cadet Corps underpinning the Club’s ethos of Cadet to Vet.



Dan O’Mahoney

Dan served in the Corps in 3 Cdo Brigade HQ and Sigs Squadron and 539 ASRM deploying to Kosovo and Iraq on Op Telic I. He’s a trained Trauma Risk Management Practitioner for Veterans and is a strong promoter of mental health awareness and wellbeing both at work and through the Royal Marines Club. His experience of leaving the Corps, the difficult adjustment to civilian life and the issues that brought with it inspired him to get more closely involved with the Charity. Dan was a runner in the first two teams who attempted to break the Marathon Speedmarch world record, collectively raising tens of thousands of pounds for the RM Charity. After leaving the Corps, Dan worked in a wide range of roles in Government and Law Enforcement and is currently Director of the Joint Maritime Coordination Centre, a cross government command with close links to the Royal Navy.